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How to get Karnataka State Nursing Council Registration (KSNC Registration)
Likewise if  you wish to  work in any other state other than Karnataka - it is required of you to get registered with concerned State Nursing Council.

On successful completion of your nursing course from Karnataka state  you can apply for the registration at KSNC. Having a knowledge regarding the procedure in advance will help you to reduce the stress and save your time. As I went to KSNC to do my registration I was totally unaware about the procedures, it put me in stress, and at the end I ended up exhausted. So i have decided to create this blog, through which at least I can guide a few of you.  :)
If you happened to study your Post Basic Bsc Nursing ( PB. Bsc) in Karnataka and the Diploma in some other state, you need to register for both Diploma and PB.Bsc Nursing.  In that case you should take a  challan for Rs. 1000/- and should keep another set of copy of your certificates as mentioned. Another important thing is that you should get a NOC ( No Objection certificate) from the concerned state, where you completed your GNM. ( my friend told me that she did her registration with out NOC but it seems to be there can be a delay in issuing certificate)
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Certificates needed for Karnataka State Nursing Council  Registration

Attested Copy Of
  1. Provisional Degree Certificate
  2. Course Completion Certificate
  3. Mark lists
  4. Plus 2 Certificate/ Higher secondary Certificate
  5. S.S.L.C / 10th 
  6. Passport size photo- 2
A challan for Rs. 500/-  should be taken from Central Bank Of India, Gandhi Nagar Branch, Bangalore. Either you can collect the challan form from the Karnataka State Nursing Council or directly from the bank there.
Make sure that you have all the necessary documents with you before going to KSNC. Remember you should go yourself , they won't accept a second person behalf of you, as i was told. Although they suppose to accept the authorisation letter from the candidate and the authorised person should be able to do the registration on behalf of the candidate given that he/she has all the above said documents with them.  You can confirm it by making a phone call to the registrar.

Let start the formalities
When you enter inside the office, a person will be there on your right side, tell him/her the purpose of your visit. He/she will verify all your original documents and direct you to next section.  (get a challan form from him/her if you haven't taken a challan yet, get it done and come back, bank is with in 500 meters from KSNC)
In the next counter on the opposite side, he/ she will give the application form to be filled up and ask you to take one large envelope and small plastic zip pouch from her table, If you have to register for both GNM and PB. Bsc then  grab two set of it and go to the next room on the opposite side.
Here you should  submit all your original documents along with the photo copies,Challan and passport size photos, in the envelop they have given. Before that write your address clearly on the envelop including your contact number (Make sure to staple all the original certificates  together). Assigned person will check your documents and the details will be entered in a register, the number given in the register is your Registration number:).

You will be asked to write your registration number  in the area which they have stamped (on the back of your certificates), after that you can submit all your documents in the counter  outside of Registrar's cabin, there you will get back all your original documents. Verify whether you have received back all your original certificates.
This is the end of your registration process, KSNC will send you the certificate by post in 30-45 days.
In case of any delay you can call up and ask for it.
Note: You don't need to get the certificates attested by a gazetted officer, my principal did it for me.

Documents  Needed for GNM registration for PB. Bsc candidate

  1. State Nursing Council Registration from the state in which you have completed your Diploma
  2. Diploma certificate
  3. 12th Certificate
  4. S.S.L.C/ 10th certificate
  5. Passport size photos- 2 ( get additional plastic pouch for this photos )
  6. Application form to be filled.
So at the beginning itself get two application forms from the counter, one for Diploma and one for Degree.........:)
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For genuine and timely CENTRAL govt, STATE govt and ABROAD hospital staff nurse vacancy notifications hit a like at our facebook page viz or join our fb group

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