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One of the perks of being a nurse is that the profession has a lot of specialties you can involve yourself in. Aside from the benefits of professional growth, these specialties can also help you earn more. For some nurses, however, these specialties are still not enough to help them achieve their financial goals.

If you are one of these nurses, here are four other ways you can increase your income:

1. Medical Transcription

Medical transcription is slowly gaining popularity among nurses who are looking for side jobs. The good thing about medical transcription is that it is health related and you only need a good computer and a reliable internet connection to work.

Prior to working, however, it’s essential that you get certified first. For the certification, you can enroll yourself in the various online classes available. It’s actually convenient, because since the classes are online, you can easily squeeze the classes in your schedule. You won’t even need to travel to a different place to attend the lectures.

2. Medical Coding

Medical coding also requires certification before you can start working. Unlike medical transcription, this work deals more with medical codes to enable insurance companies to file proper claims.

“I’ve worked as a medical coder for a few months now. The pay I receive from the work is higher than what I get from working overtime in the hospital. It’s actually more convenient, too because I get to work comfortably at home,” an ICU nurse shared.

3. Health Writing
If you have a passion for writing, then you’ll probably have no difficulty working as a freelance writer. Because there’s a lot of health related services that want to put their names on the internet, there is also a high demand for quality articles.

The work of a freelance writer isn’t limited. In fact, you can work on a lot of niches, provided that you are knowledgeable on the subjects. You can also take fewer or more clients depending on your availability.

If you don’t feel like writing for other people, there’s also the option to start your own blog. You can write about health tips or helpful insights for nurses. Most people who blog earn from ads and affiliate programs. You can also earn the same way or get sponsored by health companies.
4. First Aid Instructor

Nurses can be first aid instructors since they have the knowledge and skills to render first aid. However, similar to the previous jobs, you also need to get certified before you can become. You can get certified through organizations like the Red Cross.

Typical clients of first aid instructors are school teachers and people who have vulnerable family members. There are also companies that require their employees to know first aid. You can also reach out to nursing schools and communities that provide volunteering services in case of calamities.
How do you increase your income? Do you have other side jobs aside the ones on this list?

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