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Finding jobs in Dubai without any prior experience or as a fresh graduate on Dubai visit visa. It’s not an easy task in this competitive job market and with passing time it is becoming difficult. However, the good days has gone when people get hired for the job without a degree and without experience. But nowadays as a fresher or a fresh graduate to find a jobs in Dubai with no experience it looks like a Headaches. But there is always a way to get according to the expectation. However, there are many available companies who are looking college pass graduates who demand less and take more responsibilities within a less budget.

Well! You don’t need to be panic; because there are several ways and tips to easily find jobs in Dubai with no experience based on my personal experience. Below is the 7 steps, which certainly help you to find a right one.

Find a Potential Employer:
There are several online job portal websites are exists on the internet world who uploaded bundle of job vacancies on their website and provides daily jobs to the job seekers in the city of Dubai and the Gulf Countries. But there are not all useful sites. You need to find the right job hunting sites and follow it in which top sites includes Khaleej times,, Dubbizle, Bayt, monster Gulf etc.

Verify the Company First Before Choosing:
Once you have found or identified a potential employer for you then all you need to do is to Google it all the details of the employer you get to get an idea about the nature of the business, scope and size of the company. According to my personal experience, there are several legitimate workplaces that use Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail type of email addresses instead of domain email. Therefore, you should be more alert and you need to browse company’s details into deeply and think twice before applying.

Depending on Recruitment Agencies:
If you take this step and contact one of the recruitment agents who help you to find jobs in Dubai. So you need to be careful and more cautious. The reason behind is, there are dozens of agencies who has a criminal minded, started their business to scam with innocent people's whether jobless or employed. However, such agents are unlicensed. Moreover, Recruitment cost should always be under the law.

Prepare your CV:
This is a very important step to customize and more readable your CV for the prospective employers. Write down only important information in bullet points to make your resume perfect and more attractive to the interviewer’s eye because the interviewer can't spend more than twenty seconds on your Resume while reviewing.

While Applying Online:
Several companies are updated several job ads on their website on the daily basis to allow job seekers to find job openings. In this step, you need to be careful while applying for the job. Read all the given job description and the requirements first and if you think that you are capable and can fulfill the mention job criteria then take steps forward.

Help Through Social Media:

As everybody knows about that how social networking sites is playing a vital role in our entire life. Join Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to explore you in front of the world. As a young qualified graduate, do not shy to inbox your friends about finding a job in Dubai. Hence, join groups and like pages as much as you can to connect yourself with the professional individual.

Know your Earning Potential:
If you don’t know the earning potential in the specific job field you are applying then don’t be disappointed. There are many websites which will let you check the pay scale of the freshman job or any job you are interested. You may visit PayScale to scan the salary you are searching. However, the actual salary package will only depend on the size of the company and the good thing is, the salary is non-taxable in Dubai means no income tax will be applied to the salary you earn.

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