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Fundamentally, half of the candidates why to apply for a certain job vacancy have the right qualifications. In this regard, the only thing that can make a person stand out of the crowd is an impressive CV. A good resume will create an opportunity for you to meet your potential employer and secure an interview. According to experts, a good CV should be void of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Writing a good CV is not hard if you know the right tips on writing a CV. However, a perfect CV will help you to easily find jobs in Dubai.

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Right Basics:
There is no particular way on how to write curriculum vitae. Nonetheless, there are basic sections that you should include in your CV. Firstly, your CV should contain detailed personal and contact information, such that the prospective employers can contact you in case they need to learn more about you. Secondly, you should include your education and qualifications. Thirdly, make sure you include your work history and experience if any. Moreover, include the relevant job skills, personal interests, hobbies and achievement and, lastly, include references.

Writing a good resume involves proper arrangement and clear presentation of the information. A poorly presented CV will not impress prospective employers. If you want to catch their attention, present your CV in a well-structured format, printed on a clean sheet of paper. Never present a crumpled, folded or smudged CV to prospective employers. Furthermore, include the crucial information on the upper middle page of your CV in order to catch the attention of the prospective employer.

Maintain a Two-Page Limit:
A perfect CV should be clear and concise. Make sure that you CV give the relevant information in a clear and brief manner. In this regard, you should try to limit your CV to a two-page A4 document. Please remember that the CV represents you to the potential employer and since the employer does not know about you, make sure you create an appealing impression. The best CV format should be clear, concise and well structured.

Understand the Job Description:
This is where most candidates fail during their professional CV writing process. Before you start preparing your CV, read the job description and understand all the details. Take notes and highlight the important parts of the job description. State the qualifications you have and the ones you do not have. At this point, there is no harm in using your skills to your advantage, even if they do not necessarily fit the requirements. However, understand that you must have the basic qualifications before you apply for the job.

Structure Your CV to the Role:
After going through the job description, write your CV in a manner that matches with the job requirements. Writing a good resume is easy if you understand the job requirements because you will follow the guidelines and tailor your CV according to the role required.

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